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Students' Personal Property


Our Principals are receiving feedback from staff that items such as Beyblades, Pokemon Cards and other personal property of this ‘type’ are starting to become problematic. 

At assembly we have shared with the students that our preference is very much not to ‘ban’ these items from our school. We want students to be able to enjoy, use and play with their items at break times. We want students to be responsible and mature enough to both use their property appropriately and look after the things they bring to school.

Examples of the non-preferred behaviours discussed on assembly and dealt with include; items that had gone missing, along with playing with such items while in transit to the toilets and wasting classroom learning time.

We've  explained to students that Beyblades and Pokemon cards aren’t in themselves the issue. The issue is the way that they are used (when and where) as well as the temptation that can exist, to take or play with something that is a lot of fun, but does not belong to you.

In an effort to all be on the same page, these items are NOT BANNED from school at this stage. If students decide to bring such items, they do so accepting the responsibility that comes with it. I want our students to have as much fun and enjoyment as possible at school.

If the appropriate moment arises around the kitchen or dinner table, we would appreciate any conversation that can reiterate and strengthen these themes.