Principal Covid-19 Update


Dear Parents and Families,


I have a fair bit to unpack today so thanks for sticking with us – Today’s daily update coming a little later than usual.


FIRSTLY - Please hear that I understand how anxiety EVERYWHERE is again on the rise. We are in a ‘change curve’ within this COVID -19 management story. We are feeling this anxiety here too. Please remember that your staff – EVERYONE - is in this story together. Choose deliberate behaviour that is calm and kind. Even the smallest piece of personal anxiety, unfairly passed on, is now adding significant weight to the shoulders of everyone else. I want to see our school and community easing the load of others – not adding to it.


Changes/Updates from Today:


·         Parent Rep Meeting (tomorrow)  - Cancelled

·         No PE (Swimming lessons) from tomorrow – PE lessons revert to ‘land based activities’!


Further Information – Work in progress:


·         Leadership and teachers are in the process of creating Online learning OneNotes. PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE STILL IN THE CONSTRUCTION STAGE.

·         The remainder of Term One’s focus is to develop teacher, student and parent capacity around learning using OneNote and Class notebook as the digital platform.

·         These will be look different across Year Levels. P-3 will be a Year Level Shared Cohort OneNote (i.e. Prep OneNote, Year One OneNote…) whilst Years 4-6 classes will have individual Class Notebooks. At this stage, all OneNotes/Notebooks will be providing THE REMAINDER OF TERM ONE CONTENT ONLY in the following Learning Areas:

o   English

o   Mathematics

o   Science

o   HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences)

·         In the coming days, your child may receive an email to their EQ Webmail inviting them to join their relevant Year Level OneNote/Notebook. Students have received their EQ usernames and passwords and should use this link to log in, in order to access the coming email.




·         At this stage, student assessment cannot be completed at home. I’m asking all parents to stop immediately, their requests for:

o   Assessment pieces

o   Teachers’ weekly planning – for action at home

o   Feedback on work completed at home

·         Please refer back to the Joint Communication from the School Council and Ironside SS sent last week (18/3/20). I have reattached this for your information. The volume of requests and the expectations towards teachers in regards to; feedback on work completed at home, assessments and personal planning documents has become unreasonable. My personal view is that these expectations and demands are now moving towards being disrespectful.

·         Students who are attending in-situ will complete summative assessments. If you have chosen to keep your child/children at home, Term One summative assessments, yet to be completed, will be unavailable to them.


In summary, the reminder of this term is to prepare students, teachers and parents for the possibility of longer term online learning. Please extend your patience and give us the time and space needed to be ready to ‘hit the ground running’ in Term Two, whatever that will look like!


Take care of yourselves and each other. I know that this is a time of rapid change, high anxiety and huge unknowns. What I do know, is that we’ll get through.


Yours sincerely,




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Last reviewed 23 March 2020
Last updated 23 March 2020