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Uniform Shop Appointments

The Uniform Shop is currently available only by appointment. Please click the following link to schedule an appointment: Uniform Shop Appointment.

Uniform Policy

Wearing the Ironside State School uniform assists in maintaining the tone within the school and gives the children a sense of belonging. It also eliminates undesirable competition in dress. We appreciate your co-operation in ensuring the children wear the uniform to school and to school events. It is important that the uniform be worn as a complete ensemble and not mixed with other garments. All prep students are to wear the gold bucket hat.

The expense of lost gear can really add up, so labelling is a great cost-saving measure. Labelling your child's belongings really does help. If something is named, the school is only too happy to return it to your child. There are plenty of ways to label your child's belongings, including hard-to-name items like shoes and socks.

Embroidery is available at the uniform shop for $7 per item.

General Uniform
Shirt Royal blue ISS polo shirt
Shorts Grey school shorts
Skorts Royal blue skort
Dress ISS Blue and white check dress
Socks White
Shoes Black school shoes or black sneakers (not necessarily leather) with black laces or straps
Hat Ironside reversible bucket hat, royal blue with house colour on the reverse side. Prep students wear a gold bucket hat
Hair Accessories Royal blue A white hijab may be worn for religious reasons
Stockings Navy stockings may be worn with the school dress
Winter Uniform Variations
Winter Jacket : Microfiber Jacket with ISS logo
Track Pants Microfiber navy track pants to match the school jacket Track pants or leggings may not be worn under shorts or dresses.
Swimming Uniform
Students may wear their own swim gear. Students MUST wear a cap and a sunshirt. The uniform shop stocks ISS and Sport House swim caps, swim bags and sunshirts.
Performance Uniform For Instrumental and Choral Groups
Shirt Plain long sleeved, business style white shirt
Pants Plain long black trousers
Shoes Plain black shoes
Socks Plain black socks
Hair Accessories Royal blue
Cummerbund Royal blue
Tie Bow tie (boys); Neck tie (girls)

New uniforms can be ordered online via the online app Qkr! Please note the Uniform Shop cannot accept cash. Payment can be made by EFTPOS in store and via use of the Qkr! app (online).

Useful information regarding the process is available for you to view/print from the link at the right-hand side of this page. Second hand uniforms may be purchased from the school uniform shop.

The school uniform shop operates to provide parents with a convenient option to purchase the approved Ironside State School uniform. The volunteers are also happy to offer advice to new parents to the school on general community-related information to assist with the transition for the children as well as the parents.

2020 Uniform Shop Opening Times

By appointment only at this time. Please contact Hanorah at to set up an appointment.

Online Order Deliveries will be made MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY.

* Order by 5.30pm Sunday for MONDAY delivery

* Order by 5.30pm Tuesday for WEDNESDAY delivery

* Order by 5.30pm Thursday for FRIDAY delivery


The Queensland Government has encouraged all schools to implement a sun safe policy by the end of the 2008 school year. The Queensland Cancer Council advises that an important element of a Sun Smart programme is the incorporation of a sun shirt into the school uniform. Long-sleeved sun shirts are recommended. Sun shirts may be purchased from the uniform shop for $35.

A swim cap is compulsory for school swimming lessons. The uniform shop stocks silicone swim caps in blue with Ironside text in white and lycra material or silicon caps in the school house colours of blue (Oxley), green (Cook), red (Flinders) and yellow (Sturt).

Prices are available from the uniform price list.

For further information or to volunteer, please email

Second Hand Uniforms

The uniform shop accepts and needs more second hand items. We can only sell the current uniform. Please leave washed clothes at the shop doors if we are not open.

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Last updated 05 August 2020