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Enrolment at Ironside State School is subject to our Enrolment Management Plan.  While the school is near​​ capacity, applications will only be accepted from students whose intended duration of enrolment is greater than 12 months.  Applications are prioritised by their projected duration of enrolment.  Students must reside in our Catchment Area to be eligible to enrol in our school and parents must be able to provide the following: 

Proof of Residence:

Parents who wish​​ to enrol their child at Ironside State School are required to provide proof of their residential address to ensure they reside within the school’s catchment area. The following documents are required: 

For Owned Property:

  • A current Rates Notice or Unconditional Sale Agreement showing an address which falls within the catchment area; and 
  • Utility bills (e.g. electricity, gas, internet etc.) and further evidence that supports the family living in the property (e.g. home and motor vehicle insurance); or 

For Leased Property:

  • A current, commercially drawn Lease Agreement showing an address which falls within the catchment. Private lease agreements are not accepted, ie. lease agreements must be managed by a Real Estate Agent. The Lease Agreement must be for 12 months or longer from the child's commencement at school,   leases of greater length will be given greater weight in the enrolment process; and

  • Utility bills (e.g. electricity, gas, internet etc.), a Rental Bond Receipt lodged with the Residential Tenancies Authority and further evidence that supports the family living in the property (e.g. home and motor vehicle insurance).

The requirement for a student's principal place of residence to fall within the school's catchment will be actively monitored and enforced. Parents must notify the school of any change of address within 14 days of any change as per their Statutory Declaration

Proof of Citizenship:

  • Australian or New Zealand Citizens: the student's birth certificate or passport
  • International Passport Holders: the student's passport, visa and an "Authority to Enrol" email from Education Queensland International  if required.

Enrolment Interviews 

Enrolment interviews can be requested by forwarding a completed application form (see appropriate link on this page) to the Enrolment Officer via email to   

Enrolment interviews are conducted each Wednesday during the term with the student starting school the following Monday.  Please be aware there is no onsite parking.

Decisions on Enrolment

The Principal is responsible for all decisions on enrolments. The Principal may require the applicant to provide additional documents or information to support the application.
Where a Principal forms a preliminary view that an application will not succeed, applicants will be notified in writing. Applicants may respond to the Principal's preliminary view by making a submission to the Principal, no later than seven school days after receiving the preliminary view letter or email.
If no submission is received, the Principal's preliminary view will be treated as the final decision and no further notice will be provided.
If a submission ​is received, the Principal will consider the submission and make a final decision. A final decision notice will be provided to the applicant as soon as is practicable.
There is no internal review of the Principal's decision. 

Last reviewed 07 May 2024
Last updated 07 May 2024